Mary V.

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Dr. Lewis has been my doctor for close to ten years. He is a highly qualified eye surgeon, skilled in various procedures, who has extensive experience and success. After having been referred to Dr. Lewis, I researched his credentials and background for my cataract surgery, a surgery which created pronounced fear and distress for me. My initial consultation with him was pivotal. I was deeply impressed with his warm, gentle voiced, easy demeanor which assuaged my anxiety and panic. His courtesy and patience in talking with me was invaluable, allowing time to make inquiries and feel comfortable and confident with his responses. He listened without interruption, heard my concerns and responded respectfully to all of my questions. This character trait was paramount in my trusting him. He was diligently detailed in educating me to the cataract procedure: benefits and risks, pre-op and post-op, medical care and drops, transportation fo the surgical facility, and more. Each step, outlined by Dr. Lewis and his team, was specific and supportive. My surgery was seamless. I am yet grateful for the competence of the pre-op team and the anesthesiologist. Within a day, I was able to drive to my follow-up examination, thrilled with the enhanced colors and clarity of vision which had escaped me over the years. This was a very happy experience. Subsequent eye care surgical procedures performed by Dr. Lewis have addressed glaucoma. I have had laser surgery on each eye to reduce the increased pressure in my eyes, which left unchecked can damage the optic disk, causing gradual loss of vision. Dr Lewis consistently demonstrates meticulous attention to address pain and inflammation with drops and follow-up examinations. Dr. Lewis exemplies a master surgeon for/to whom I am genuinely grateful.