Kathryn H

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Dr. Lewis, This is a very belated thank you card to you for what has really been the best gift I have given myself in recent memory – Visian ICL. After struggling fo rso many years recently with my contact lenses, I had forgotten what it felt like to go through a whole day without noticing how my eyes felt. I am not sure whether it was the surgery or our move to upstae NY, but my blepharitis symptoms have virtually disappeared (knock on wood). I am no longer tied to eye drops and hot packs. I can wear eye makeup for the first time in years and I rarely need wetting drops. I think the most remarkable thing is, not noticing the difference, It feels like I’ve always had perfect vision. I did not get a chance to than you in person before I moved, so please accept my deepest gratitude and best wishes for a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I cannot express how grateful I am for the gift of healthy eyes and perfect vision.
Best, Kathryn H.