Jacqueline M.

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For years, I have been fighting getting cataract surgery. My brother-in-law just had his surgery done by Dr. Lewis and raved about how good he is. Upon his recommendation, I too had my cataract surgery done. Everything that my brother-in-law said was true and then some. He is an exceptional doctor. If I was to rate him, it would be above five stars. When it came time for the surgery, a limousine picked me up. Everyone and everything was professional. Not only was his staff professional but they showed a caring attitude about each patient. Unfortunately, my husband had cataract surgery in another state under a different ophthalmologist. It has been almost a year after his cataract surgery and his eves still hurt and he suffered from cloudy vision. When I explained the situation to Dr. Lewis and the fact that he could not get an appointment with him until March ( Dr. Lewis stays booked up), he said for me to bring him in when I had my appointment and he would look at his eyes. I did as he said and Dr. Lewis and two of his associates looked at my husband’s eyes. They determined that there needed to be a change in his medications. My husband did as instructed and his eyes immediately cleared up. The day that Dr. Lewis and his associates examined my husband’s eyes, the computer was not working so there was no way for his staff to take down my husband’s insurance information to file for the many tests that he ran. He trusted us. From the bottom of my heart, I will always remember his kindness, his caring attitude, and his skill as an A+ opthamologist.