Five Stars

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Review for Dr. James Lewis Rating: Five Stars Review: Dr. Lewis and his team were thorough in evaluatiing and mapping my eyes for the PanOptix lenses to replace my cataract clouded lenses. They checked the size, shape and prescription, and re-checked again to ensure that the new lenses would be the correct ones to be implanted. At surgery time, Dr. Lewis was very re-assuring by saying the words “we’re going to take good care of you”. The surgery time was quick, only about 10-15 minutes and everything Dr. Lewis said would happen, did happen. My new implanted lenses gave me clear sharp vision at far distances, mi-range distances, and close distances. After wearing glasses and contact lenses for 50 years. I did not need them anymore – because Dr. Lewis not only cleared up my cataracts but also gave me 20/20 vision with these newly implanted lenses. Dr. Lewis is a conscientious, competent, caring and re-assuring ophthalmic surgeon. He changed my life.