Elizabeth N.

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In January 2017 I had cataracts in both eyes removed. I want to thank Dr Lewis and Dr Devlin for the outstanding results and excellent care I received. Dr Devlin provided me with a detailed explanation of the procedure in addition to a thorough description of what I could expect to occur throughout my recovery. I didn’t even have to worry about transportation, as van service to and from the surgical facility was available for a nominal cost. Prior to surgery I wore Monovision contact lenses and wore glasses for night driving. Dr Lewis was able to implant Monovision lenses, which means I can continue to just wear glasses for night driving with no glare issues. The procedures were a breeze. I experienced no pain or discomfort whatsoever. I used my prescribed eye drops, followed all post-operative instructions and kept all of my appointments – all of which I believe were key to my excellent results. I will be recommending Dr Lewis and Dr Devlin to friends and family that may need cataract surgery. My vision is better now than it was twenty years ago all thanks to Dr Lewis and Dr Devlin.