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Dear Dr. Lewis, I would like to thank you for the very successful operations you preformed on my wife, Louise and myself. It is hard for a layman to understand how a skilled surgeon with the aid of a high tech laser can correct closed – end glaucomas in the time it took me to go back and forth to the rest room. As of this date Louise is doing very well with her eyes. With respect to my cataract operation, I appreciated the wonderful group of pre-op personnel – three nurses and two practical nurses who checked and prepared me for the operation. Most impressive to me was the operating room with all its complex equipment and the host of skilled medical personnel = anesthetist, nurses and the leader of the team, Dr. James Lewis, ophthalmologist. The organized setting – into venous setup, heart monitor, oxygen, microscopic mini – knife, ultrasonic source, eye drops, topical anesthesia, and wonderful high quality intraocular lens (IOL. The post operative care was excellent. The two male hospital volunteers were so helpful and encouraging.

What a contrast with my experience as a patient volunteering to help the twelve man in the Bronx V.A. hospital sand bagged in a darkened circular room recovering from their cataract operations. God, the great physician, in his common grace has given good gifts to men – skilled physicians and other health specialist and brilliant men who have developed the specialized equipment and pharmaceuticals that have revolutionized the field and successes of medical procedures. Thank you also for your great sense of humor and your willingness to listen and spend quality time with your patients. Cordially Yours, Arthur