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What is the PS250?

By Joan-Marie Stiglich, ELS

Some of our new readers asked us to explain further what exactly the PS250 is. Thank you for asking, and welcome again to the Premier Surgeon community.

The PS250 is, simply enough, a list that the editors and publisher developed to help frame the premium IOL movement. We wanted to know who are the movers and shakers of premium IOL surgery.

So, we gathered together the names of surgeons we knew were educating their colleagues about the topic at Hawaiian Eye, Kiawah Eye, OSN New York and AAO; conducting research to optimize patient clinical outcomes; digging into the diagnostic technology to assist in selecting the best patient, and the best lens for that patient; looking into the unique business aspects of premium IOL surgery; and, of course, the early adopters who saw great promise in the IOL technology.

There is no grand formula or algorithm. We went with our collected knowledge and our gut. While we know we missed a few of you, we also heard from quite a few of you that this was a good list. We hope to use this list as a dialogue opener. Want to join that dialogue? Contact us. Cara Hvisdas is the PS Managing Editor (chvisdas@slackinc.com) and wants you to reach out to her.

PS is a community, and the PS250 is a tool for kick-starting conversations and expanding that community. In fact, in the list you’ll find on this website, if you were the accounting type, you just might find there are a little more than 250.

We are also pleased to share with you the results of our first PS250 survey. You’ll see survey results each issue as we tap the PS250 expertise to help draw ideas out and quantify them.

Thank you for all the excellent feedback that will help PS do even better for our community. Please keep it coming.

– Joan-Marie Stiglich, ELS

Click here to see the doctors designated as PS250.